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Following is a chart showing the typical services provided by Digital Command Central, Inc. and the associated fees.

Detailed descriptions of services and additional information is listed under the chart below.  Please contact us - see our "Contact Us" Page - if you have specific questions about your equipment.




'Plug & Play' Installation (Labor Only).


'DCC Ready' Installation (Labor).

Mobile Decoder Installation (HO and N scales) (Labor).

Mobile/Sound Decoder Installation (HO and N scales) (Labor).

Sound Decoder Installation (HO and N scales) (Labor).

Mobile Decoder Installation (O scale) (Labor).

Mobile/Sound Decoder Installation (O scale) (Labor).

Mobile/Sound Decoder Installation (Brass) (Labor & Parts).







By Price Quote

'Custom' Installation (Labor & Parts). 

By Price Quote

CTC *80 Mobile Decoder Installation (Labor).


Mechanical Repair (most major brands)

By Price Quote

Cleaning and Lubrication 

(NOTE: Cleaning and Lubrication will be provided free of charge for all motion and sound decoder installations).                                                                   

All locomotives and rolling stock (HO and N scales).

Unit Health Checkup, only:



Consultation for DCC Layouts within 25 mile radius of Overland Park, Kansas is shown in the box to the right.  Outside 25 mile radius of Overland Park, Kansas, an additional travel expense of $1.00 per mile (one way) will apply.

$45 Per Visit




Decoder - if supplied by Digital Command Central, Inc, a discounted price will apply.

By Price Quote

Speakers - supplied by Digital Command Central, Inc.

By Price Quote

Return shipping, handling, and insurance will be calculated from Overland Park, Kansas to the destination.  Minimum charge for shipping, handling, and insurance.


 Recent price changes (07-10-2017).
Page Updated 03/12/2018


  • 'Plug and Play'

In most cases, 'plug and play' means that there is a decoder available from a manufacturer that will simply drop in place after removing the locomotive shell. Installation of the 'plug and play' decoder can be accomplished by the customer. NOTE: In some instances, 'plug and play' decoders may require some soldering.

  • 'DCC Ready'

'DCC Ready' can simply mean that the unit has certain qualifications to allow it to be DCC equipped.  This does not necessarily mean that a DCC decoder will just drop in after the shell is removed.

  • 'Custom' Decoder Installation

If you think your locomotive falls into either of the categories listed below, a telephone call to Ray at Digital Command Central, Inc. - (913) 322-4223 - will set things in motion. Once you have a plan, Ray will assign a work order number referencing all of the details that were discussed.  

Level 1 -  In some cases (where the manufacturer made no provisions for DCC at all), there still may exist all of the elements for a decoder installation not requiring a lot of labor-intensive effort.

Example:  Consider a locomotive that is a few years old with a lot of life left in it -- one you would like to keep. It was probably constructed with plenty of room for a decoder and/or speaker to be installed. In addition, it may have a motor and drive train that requires very low current consumption.

Level 2 - This would be a special case where the equipment to receive the installation may not have much going for it in order to be DCC compatible.

Example:  Consider a real old brass locomotive – probably a very detailed and highly valued locomotive. It, however, will need major upgrading. The motor is of the vintage which drew excessive current for a DCC decoder even when it was new. In addition to that, it probably has a noisy drive train, even though it may not have excessive wear. Also, in a piece of equipment like this (especially where sound is considered), one would like the sound to emulate from the parts of the locomotive where it does in a real locomotive. This will require much more labor-intensive efforts than normal and also could require multiple speakers, and/or multiple decoders, etc.


Currently, Digital Command Central, Inc. is accepting cash, money orders, and personal checks.  If the payment is by personal check, equipment will be returned after the check clears the bank. No debit or credit cards, please.