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PROTECT YOUR INTEREST;  don’t allow your dreams to be dashed by some shipping entity who decides to execute a forward pass with your parcel.  This certainly won't be the case; however, some of the equipment we receive here at Digital Command Central resembles a close match to that.  Packaging is by far the most important consideration on your part.  Packaging will dictate the entire outcome of your whole objective.  Poor, careless packaging on your part will always spell disaster!  DCC has conducted much research dealing with this issue, because it is really disheartening to receive a crunched package knowing that what is inside for the most part will be nothing but large and small crumbs!  Here are some things to take into consideration before you ship your valuable piece of rolling stock. 



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  • First and foremost, if you are lucky enough to have a professional packaging/ shipping entity near by, you are light years ahead of the game. They will take your prize possession and package it and ship it for a very nominal fee. All you do is add insurance, pennies on the dollar, and pay what you would normally pay to ship the item and that’s it!  Instant piece of mind!  They loose it or break it, they assume full responsibility.  However, if you are not so fortunate to have such a service at your beck and call, the next option will have to do.


  • You have to keep in mind that your extremely fragile item must be packaged to withstand a four (4) foot drop to a solid surface on any side or corner and still survive.  With that in mind, minimum packaging will require 2 ½ inches of quality bubble wrap securely wrapped between the locomotive’s skin and the inside of the package.  Please do not forget the front and rear end for the locomotive.  If the locomotive, in the case of steam, cannot be separated from the tender, stuff as much bubble wrap as you can between the tender and cab to aid in the integrity of the draw bar.  This will also apply in the case of ""A and B"" diesel units which can not be separated.  It is recommended that the box be constructed of double-walled corrugate material (NO RICE PAPER material, please!!).  NOTE: If you happen to have all, and I mean all, of the factory original packaging available, it would be a good idea to use that in addition to the for mentioned recommendation.


  • Last, but not least, if you have any questions at all, please call Ray at (913) 322-4223 to agree on a solution to your shipping problem.  Please do not ship your locomotive or rolling stock until you are absolutely certain that you have packaged it to make the trip in good condition.

 Digital Command Central, Inc. is not responsible for any damage incurred in shipping!




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If shipping to Digital Command Central, Inc., payment should include the following.   

  • Installation fee (please see the Services and Fees page for price breakdowns),
  • Cost of decoder and/or speaker (if applicable), and 
  • Return shipping and insurance fees.